Inkjet Cartridge Troubleshooting

The following websites provide extensive  troubleshooting tips for inkjet cartridges.

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Print Quality Issues in Inkjet printing:

Most print quality issues involve dried ink blocking the nozzles in the printhead.

For Two Cartridge Style Printers:

If your printer takes two cartridges, you can generally solve the problem just by replacing the cartridge. You can also remove the cartridge and try wiping off the printhead with a damp paper towel. While you are at it, clean the electrical contacts with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.

For Printers with four or more cartridges:

Consult your printer's manual to figure out how to clean the printhead, or visit our general clean printheads page.

Brother Power-Purge / Maintenance Mode

If you own a Brother inkjet printer, and continue to have problems even after cleaning it several times, you may want to do a "power purge." Brother inkjet printers have a hidden "maintenance mode" which give advanced options. Among these is "power-purge" which allows you a deeper cleaning of individual colors.

To power purge MFC-J475/J470DW, J430W and many other models

  1. Press the "fax" button

  2. Press the "menu" button

  3. Press the Color/Black "start" button

  4. Press "0" (this will open maintenance mode)

  5. Press "763" (this will show power-purge options)

  6. Use the left/right arrow keys to choose which color to purge.

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