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Inkjet Cartridge Troubleshooting

HP Updates:

     HP frequently releases firmware updates that cause printers to reject cartridges. This can even affect the original OEM HP cartridges. Turning off firmware updates is recommended. See links under "troubleshooting" for instructions. 


     You can read HP's Customer Support page on this issue here:

     HP Inkjet Supplies - Updated HP 902-909 and 952-959 Ink Cartridges

     Or you can download a PDF of it here:

The following websites provide extensive troubleshooting tips for inkjet cartridges.

Ink Cartridge Help    recommended

Print Quality Issues in Inkjet printing:

Most print quality issues involve dried ink blocking the nozzles in the printhead.

For Two Cartridge Style Printers:

If your printer takes two cartridges, you can generally solve the problem by replacing the cartridge. You can also remove the cartridge and try wiping off the printhead with a damp paper towel. While you are at it, clean the electrical contacts with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip.

For Printers with four or more cartridges:

Consult your printer's manual for instructions on how to clean the printhead, or visit our general clean printheads page.

Brother Power-Purge / Maintenance Mode

If you own a Brother inkjet printer, and continue to have problems even after cleaning it several times, you may want to do a "power purge." Brother inkjet printers have a hidden "maintenance mode" which give advanced options. Among these is "power-purge" which allows you a deeper cleaning of individual colors.

To power purge MFC-J475/J470DW, J430W and many other models

  1. Press the "fax" button

  2. Press the "menu" button

  3. Press the Color/Black "start" button

  4. Press "0" (this will open maintenance mode)

  5. Press "763" (this will show power-purge options)

  6. Use the left/right arrow keys to choose which color to purge.

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