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Repairs and Service

Printer Repair

Laserjet printers, copiers, and fax machines can be repaired in-store, and sometimes on-site. We can take a quick look at your printer to determine if the problem is something simple, or if we will need to take a longer look. If you have to drop it off, we will charge $35 for the initial diagnosis. If it's not worth fixing, we will let you know.

  • Initial look (less than 5 minutes) - Free

  • Drop off printer for diagnosis - $35

  • Repair - $120 per hour + parts (in-store)

On-Site Installation

We can make special trips to your business or home in the Portland metro area. No drive-time charge if you are within 15 miles of our store.


  • Initial installation of printer purchased from us - $45 per hour

  • Installation of printer purchased elsewhere - $120 per hour

  • On-site service call - $120 per hour

  • Consultation / Inspection visit - $40

In Store Diagnosis

  • quick look - free (less than 5 minutes)

  • Initial diagnosis for laserjet printers (drop off) - $35

Inkjet printers are usually not worth fixing. A simple diagnosis might be all you will get.

Most inkjet problems involve clogged nozzles in the printhead. If you are getting an unsatisfactory print, try cleaning your printhead (click here for instructions).

DIY Troubleshooting

Try the following link to get help with troubleshooting your printer/cartridges yourself.

Cartridge Support

If you are having print quality problems on an inkjet printer, see printhead cleaning instructions below.

Printhead Cleaning

Visit our general printhead cleaning instructions page if you are getting streaks or missing colors from your inkjet printer.

If you own a Brother inkjet printer, search online to find out how to access "maintenance mode" to access "power purge" options. This is only if you have not had success with the main cleaning function.

To perform power-purge on the Brother MFC-J470DW or MFC-J475DW, enter the following key sequence:

  1. Fax

  2. Menu

  3. Black/Color Start

  4. 0

  5. 763

  6. use left/right arrow keys to choose which color to purge.

The Brother MFC-J480DW or MFC-J485DW may not have a power-purge option, since the regular cleaning process gives advanced cleaning choices.

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