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How to Clean Your Inkjet Printer's Printhead

Inkjet printers require occasional cleaning to keep the nozzles clean and clear. If you get streaks or bad colors, it is likely due to clogged nozzles. Follow the directions below, or download our "Clean Printhead Instructions" file by clicking on the button to the right.

Every printer is different. This is just a general instruction sheet. You may need to consult your printer's instruction manual, or the manufacturer's website for more accurate instructions.




These instructions are for printers that have an interactive LCD screen. If your printer does not have an LCD screen, or if you are having difficulty, read your user manual, or search online, for instructions.




Click “Menu”

Click “Ink”

Click “Test Print.” The printer will ask if black

and color look okay. Answer its questions to

continue with Printhead Cleaning.

Print another test page after each cleaning.

Continue cleaning and testing until you get a perfect print (like the above picture).





Tap “HOME” (house icon)

Tap “Setup” (icon looks like tools)

Tap “Maintenance”

Tap “Print Nozzle Check Pattern.” If there are gaps or lines. Then it needs to

be cleaned.

Return to “Maintenance” and choose “Cleaning”

After cleaning, print another nozzle check. If there are are gaps or lines,

continue with another cleaning.




Press “HOME” button (house icon)

Select “Setup” (tools icon)

Select “Maintenance”

Select “print test page”

If the test pattern has missing lines, return to “Maintenance”

Select “Print Head Cleaning”

Choose Black, Colors, or All, and press start (print) button

After cleaning, print another test page. Continue cleaning and testing until you get a perfect print (like the picture to the right).



Click “Setup”

Click “Tools” (wrench icon)

Click on “print a print quality page.” If the test page has streaks or

missing colors, you need to clean the printhead. Return to “Tools” and

click “Clean Printhead”

Continue cleaning and testing until you get a perfect print.





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