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Common Mistakes in Purchasing Printers

printer road killTypically, businesses and consumers are “sold” a printer as opposed to identifying their needs and most importantly the respective operating costs (cost-per-page) of the printer. A rule of thumb: the lower the printer purchase price the higher the cost-per-page.

Many make a purchase decision based on the printer price; not what the ongoing cost-per-page for the ink or toner will be. Contentment in owning an inexpensive laser printer can be short lived when one understands the true cost of ownership.


  • HP LJ P1005 sells for $280.00 it uses the CB435A toner cartridge for which the typical retail price is $67.99 it is rated at 1,500 pages which means the cost per-page is $0.05

A more cost effective choice will have a higher page ratings and a lower cost per page.


  • HP LJ P2015 sells for $500.00 it uses the Q7553X toner cartridge for which the typical retail price is $164.99 it is rated at 7,000 pages which means the cost per page is $0.02

Questions to consider before buying a printer.

  • How often do I go through a ream of paper? This will give you a better idea of how much you print. If you are a high volume printer things like the duty cycle, paper capacity, and ink/toner yeild will be important factors in your decision making.
  • Is more than one computer using the printer? You can share or network a printer to optimize it’s use.
  • Is an inkjet or laser model more appropriate for my needs? Some inkjet printers can print color at laser prices!
  • Do I print pictures or in color often? Color raises cost-per-page.
  • Do I need to copy, scan, store print jobs, email, or fax from this printer? “All In One” or Multifunction machines are often the only on-site printer and can save you desk space, time, and money.
  • What are the system requirements? Your OS (operating system) needs to support the necessary drivers and the drivers need to support your printing needs.
  • Auto or manual duplexing? Printing on both sides of the page can save you time and paper.
  • What about desk space? How much real estate are you willing to dedicate to your printer?

Shop smart and save yourself time, money and avoid frustration!

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